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Welcome to Cupertino Little League!

Registration Overview

Your player's registration will be complete, and your player eligible for placement on a Cupertino Little League team, if:

1.  Your player is registered on Sports Connect (formerly Blue Sombrero).

2.  Your child's age is verified by the Registrar, because you uploaded her/his birth certificate during the registration process.

3.  Your residency has been verified by the Registrar, because:

a.  You uploaded one document from each of the three required categories,
dated between February 1, 2019 and January 31, 2020.

b.  You uploaded a School Enrollment Form.  This form is required once for each school. 
If your player has not changed schools since you first completed this form, you do not need a new form.


c.  You have completed a Regulation II(d) Waiver.  The rules regarding this form are a little tricky,
so if you have questions, email [email protected]  This form is required once,
unless your circumstances change.

4.  The League has a physical copy of the Liability Waiver and Release Form and Medical Release Form.

5.  The League has a physical copy of a Photo Waiver.

6.  The League has your volunteer deposit check. This deposit check will not be cashed until after the season ends and, even then, only if your family has not satisfied its League volunteer obligations.  The deposit is $200 and the check should be made payable to Cupertino Little League.

Completing Registration
If you have not uploaded the required age and residency documents during the registration process, the Registrar will contact you.  The Registrar will not accept hard copy proof of residency or age documentation; all documentation must be uploaded to your Sports Connect account.

 You will have three opportunities to complete your registration process (to submit physical copies of waivers and the volunteer deposit).  The League will post in-person dates on the website and email all registered families.
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