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Frequently Asked Questions

When are tryouts and player evaluations?
Player evaluations and tryouts for Farm, Minors and Majors are Saturday, February 1:

Evaluations Schedule

--- 9:30 a.m. 6-8 year olds registration/warm ups (6 year olds must have played at least one year of tee ball. 8 year olds who wish to be considered for the Minors Division should arrive at 10:30 a.m.)

--- 10:30 a.m. 9-10 year olds registration/warm ups (and 8 year olds who wish to be considered for the Minors Division)

--- 11:30 a.m. 11-12 year old registration/warm ups

When does the season begin and end
The season generally opens the second Saturday of March, but the opening depends entirely on the weather and field status.  Closing Day generally is the second Saturday in June, but post-season games can last until early-to-mid July.  

Little League Baseball is a Commitment.
No, this isn't a question.  But it's important information to have.  For players in the Minors, Majors and Juniors divisions, we ask that you consider seriously your player’s commitment to baseball and his or her team. As the players progress through divisions, they begin to rely more heavily on the presence of their teammates. When players do not show up for practice or games, the rest of the team suffers. If you cannot commit to having your player attend 90% or more of the games and practices, please consider seriously whether baseball is a good fit for your player(s), especially at the upper levels of play.

Do I need to provide documentation to prove residency if I proved residency last year? 
Yes.  Parents will need to provide appropriate proofs of residence and/or the Little League school enrollment form, regardless of a child’s previous participation in the League.  Leagues that offer online registration are expected to schedule a specific time when the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of online registrants must bring their documents to be verified.

What information is the League looking for on the documents to prove residency?
Residency documents must be dated, or in force, between February 1 of the previous year (2019) and February 1 of the current year (2019).

When will I find out what team my player is on?
The Majors and Minors teams will be drafted in mid-to-late January.  Farm and TBall teams will be formed shortly thereafter.  Team announcements are made by the team Manager, after teams are formed. 

What does it mean that teams will be drafted and what does that mean for my player?
Minors and Majors teams are formed through a process called a "draft."  The Majors team Managers, the Player Agent, and the Division Commissioner meet after League evaluations.  A manager's strategy for choosing players is left to each Manager.  Generally, the Managers will have evaluation scores with them and, in many cases, have prior experience with the players.  With this information in hand, Managers take turns choosing players for their team.  

The same process is followed for the Minors Division teams.

If your player is in TBall or Farm, the draft will have no effect on your player.

**Once a player is drafted to a team and teams are announced, players will not be moved to another team.**

When do practices start?
Once the teams are announced, practices will begin.  Team Managers choose practice days and times.  (If you want control over the days your player practices, consider volunteering to manage a team.)

My child wants to play on his friend’s team.  Can I make a friend request?
Little League Baseball is, in large part, about the relationships the players form.  So, yes, the League will take friend requests in  the TBall and Farm A Divisions.  The Player Agent does his or her best to accommodate such requests.  Friend requests are less frequently accommodated in the Farm AA Division.  And, they never are considered in the upper divisions, such as Minors, Majors, Juniors, or Seniors. 
Where are Cupertino Little League games played?
T-Ball, Farm, Minor and Major League home games are played at Wilson Park.  The Juniors home field is Hyde Middle School.

Cupertino Little League may interlock with other local leagues at all levels except TBall and Farm A, so it is possible that your player will play in Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Mountain View, or San Jose.

Does my child have to go to player evaluations?
Your child must attend evaluations if s/he wishes to play in Minors, Majors, or Juniors. Children who are aged 6-8, who have at least one year of TBall experience, must attend player assessments if they wish to be placed on a Farm team. TBall players do not have to attend player assessments, as placement is determined by League Age and friend requests.

Can my player keep her or his jersey when the season is over?
No.  In order to keep fees down, the League purchases good quality jerseys that are expected to last for about 5 years.  For this reason, we expect each player to return a jersey at the end of the season. 

We do not live in the League's boundaries, can I still register my child to play with Cupertino Little League?
We get this question often.  And, while we would love to have everyone play with Cupertino Little League, it isn't something the League can decide on its own.  This is a Little League International rule.  And, the answer is generally, no.

The League discourages parents from registering their children to play with Cupertino Little League if they do not meet the residency requirements. Not only is the process for obtaining a waiver time-consuming, the parent will have to repeat it each year her or his child plays with Cupertino. The waiver requires a parent to complete a form and have it notarized.  The parent also will need to write a letter explaining why s/he wishes to have her or his son play for Cupertino Little League.  The home league President will need to sign the form. There is no guarantee s/he will. Cupertino's President also will  need to sign the form but then will need to obtain signatures from three other League officials (including one in southern California and one in Pennsylvania). If the League is able to get everyone to sign off (and there is no guarantee it can), the player could register but s/he would not be eligible for selection to an All Star team. This last issue is probably the biggest for the players. This is not an issue at the tball level, but it’s best to start in a league where your player can stay, make friends and get to know the coaches.  

Can I get a refund if I withdraw my player(s)?
Because baseball is a team sport, withdrawing your player can have a significant impact on one or more teams.*  For this reason, the League strongly encourages families to commit for the entire season prior to registering.   We can't all predict our future, however.  So, in the event you must withdraw your player(s) prior to April 1, 2020, the League will issue a refund to you.  The League will deduct any processing fees it pays prior to your player's withdrawal.  If you withdraw your player on or after April 1, 2020, the League will not refund your player fees and it will cash your volunteer deposit, unless your family has satisfied its volunteer obligations.

*There are times when the withdrawal of a player from one team will require movement of players from other teams.  For instance, if you withdraw a player from the Majors division, the Majors Manager will be required to pull a player up from the Minors division (because Majors teams must have a) a minimum of 12 players and b) an equal number of players).  The Minors Manager then will be required to pull a player from Farm AA (because each Minor's team should have the same number of players as the other Minors teams).    

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Contact the Cupertino Little League Information Officer at: [email protected]

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