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Forms and Instructions

A.  Residency Requirements
A player is eligible to play with Cupertino Little League if:

1.  His or her parent(s) live(s) within Cupertino Little League boundaries (see OR
S/he attends school within Cupertino Little League boundaries (see

Each requirement satisfies the Residency requirement (i.e., attending school is no different from living within the boundaries for purposes of Little League residency).

Residence for purposes of No. 1 above, shall be established and supported by documents containing the full residence, including the parent(s)’s name, street address, city, state and zip, and must be dated between February 1, 2019 and January 31, 2020. Documents shall be made up of at least one from each of the three categories in the RESIDENCY AND SCHOOL ATTENDANCE ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS document.  Please review this document, so you can understand the requirements. Residency documents must be dated, or in force, between February 1 of the previous year (2019) and February 1 of the current year (2020).  For more information about eligibility requirements, check out Little League's FAQs by clicking here.

A player attends school for purposes of No. 2 above within the League’s boundaries if the physical location of the school where s/he attends is within the League’s boundaries.  School attendance is established when enrollment begins prior to October 1, 2018. If a player relies on school attendance to establish residency, his or her parent must submit a SCHOOL ENROLLMENT FORM.  Once school enrollment is established, a new form is not necessary until the student changes schools or no longer attends the school.

B. Residency Waiver

II(d) Waiver.  If a player satisfied the residency requirements in Section A in a prior year but, before the next season starts, his parent(s) move out of the League’s boundaries or s/he no longer attends school within boundaries, s/he remains eligible to play for Cupertino Little League.  To do so, the player’s parent(s) must provide:

  2. Documents that demonstrate residency or school enrollment within League boundaries for the prior enrollment year.

This form also is used if a family wishes to register two or more siblings, but only one  player attends school within the League's boundaries (and neither parent lives within the League's boundaries).  In this situation, the player who attends school in boundaries completes the School Enrollment Form and her or his sibling(s) complete the II(d) form.

C. Release Forms

Liability Waiver and Release.  The League requires each player to have a LIABILITY WAIVER AND RELEASE on file prior to being able to play.  This form includes health insurance information, parent contact information, and a release of claims against the League.  (You can look up your player's League Age here or we can fill it in during in-person registration.)

Photo Release.  Our League photographers may take pictures of your player(s).  During the registration process, you will be asked if you authorize the League to use pictures of your player(s) on the website, promotional materials, the Snack Shack monitor, and in our yearbook.  If you do not want the League to use such photos, please do not check the "yes" box and do not enter any names.  If you are okay with the League using your player(s)' photos, please do check the "yes" box and then type in the player(s)' name(s) in the space provided.  You also can complete this PHOTO RELEASE FORM.

D. Volunteers

Deposit.  Each family makes a $200 deposit during registration.  The League will return your deposit, if one or more family member(s) fulfills the family's volunteer obligation. The deposit is made by check, payable to Cupertino Little League and dated June 15, 2019.  Please bring your deposit during registration when you bring your player's proof of age and residency documents.

Background Checks.
   The League must perform a background check on every volunteer.  After you register your player(s), the League Safety Officer will contact you by email to begin the process.  The League uses a third party provider approved by Little League International.  Cupertino Little League will not have access to your confidential information.

Fingerprinting.  The City of Cupertino also requires each volunteer (who will be in contact with children) to get fingerprinted (if they have not already done so for Cupertino Little League).

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